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[간증]단기 선교사 수료를 마치며 | 이하민 MK
BY 관리자2024.02.21 15:13:09

MK 간증/단기선교사 수료를 마치며

글. 이하민 MK(키프러스)



 On January 22nd to February the 2nd I took a 2 weeks training by 기아대책. This training was a short term missions training for this years 청년기대봉사단 9기. My two-week training with기아대책 

provided a deep dive into the world of mission work, offering a comprehensive overview of both the organizational structure and the practical aspects of serving in the field. With a group of 13 individuals, including 11 girls and 2 guys, I took on this journey together, initially feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness akin to the first day of school. Despite having had a Zoom meeting prior to the training, meeting everyone in person for the first time added a layer of novelty and anticipation to the experience.


Throughout the training, I was immersed in a variety of lectures covering a wide range of topics, from the rich history and core values of 기아단체 to the complexity of building relationships and serving communities in the missions field. What stood out to me was the multifaceted nature of the organization, operating both as a mission agency and a non-governmental organization (NGO). This dual focus provided a holistic understanding of the mission's objectives, emphasizing not only immediate service but also long-term sustainability and leadership development within the communities served.

A particularly touching moment during the training was our visit to 양화진, where we encountered the tangible legacy of foreign missionaries in Korea. Standing among the graves of these dedicated individuals, who had left their homes to spread the gospel in a foreign land, stirred a profound sense of admiration and gratitude. Their unwavering love and commitment to Korea, despite the challenges and sacrifices they faced, left an indelible impression on me. Reflecting on their varied periods of ministry, ranging from a few months to several years, I was struck by the enduring impact of their work, demonstrating that even short-term missions can leave a lasting legacy when guided by God's grace.


As I prepare to embark on my own mission to Malawi, I carry with me the profound realization that God's work precedes my arrival. Despite my initial lack of familiarity with the country, I approach this new chapter with faith and humility, trusting that God will equip me for the task ahead. My prayer is to adapt seamlessly to my new environment and to be a vessel for God's glory, knowing that His plans are far greater than anything anyone can imagine.


In essence, my training with 기아단체 has not only equipped me with practical skills and knowledge but has also deepened my faith and understanding of God's sovereign work in the world. With each step forward, I am reminded that I am part of a larger story, where God's presence and guidance are always there, guiding me on my journey of service and discipleship




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